The Vigiljoch offers a long trail, which can hardly be beaten by the landscape and the panorama. Very long (21 km) and with many meters of altitude, a good 1,600, this trail is only for very experienced runners. It starts at the Vigiljoch follows first in a pleasant slope in the forest direction Hochwart .
At about 2,000 meters you leave the in the meanwhile sparse larch forest and crosses a wonderfully located high alp, interspersed with rock slabs, dwarf trees and juniper shrubs. At the end of the plain, the trail dives lightly back into the forest on the slope below the Hochwart and follows it in light up and down to the Äußeren Falkomaialm. Once there, the path ascends the slope up to the ridge under the summit pyramid of Naturnser Hochwart, which is climbed on the right track. After enjoying the panorama, which extends from the Ortler area in the west to the Dolomites in the east, it goes back to the Vigiljoch on a more direct route. (Only for very experienced and trained runners / goers)