Summer in Meran

Hot and cool

In summer, Merano can get really hot, but the night gives you a welcome dip at 20 ° C. Due to much suns, the southern location, it gets very hot in Meran in midsummer. Life seems to slow down in the chirping of the cicadas and song of the crickets, on the long evenings people meet at sunset in the cafes of the city center and stroll through the streets. The night cool down, so you can still sleep well. Anyone looking for refreshment during the day flees to the mountains, where the air temperature is much lower, but the sun shines even stronger. Now is the time for full speed on the alpine pastures around Meran 2000 or the Ifinger, on the summits of the Texel Group, on the Spronser Lakes and the via ferrata on the Ifinger or in the Schnalstal.