Over hill and dale

The mountains around Meran make trail runners and speed hikers thrill. High mountain pastures and ridges with paths through high alpine landscapes, shady paths on the mountain slopes or steep trails from the mountain sole up to the peaks of the Texel Group and the Ifinger mountain provide a personal challenge for everyone. Up to 2,700 vertical meters can be overcome in a single slope, thanks to the deep location of Merano at about 320 m and the high peaks of the Texel Group to over 3,000 Hm.

Speedhiking / Trail Running - Meran-Meran 2000

On foot directly from the hotel you can reach the valley station of the cable car Meran 2000, where a speed hike trail starts to the mountain station. The trail leads approx. 1.300 m steeply through wonderful forests, past a few old farms and an inn to the farthest Noaftal valley. There it continues at the bottom of the Ifinger mountain to the ridge near the mountain station of the cable car, which leads back to the valley. (Only for very experienced and trained runners / walkers)

Trail running - Hochmuth-Giggelberg

Above Merans, at about 1,500 meters, the Meraner Höhenweg runs for about 100 km around the Texel group. The section between Hochmuth and Giggelberg above Partschins is a very worthwhile trail run, which overcomes approx. 600 meters and 14 kilometers of track. First, take the cable car from Tyrol to the farms of Hochmuth (about 1,400m).

Speedhiking / Trail Running - Burgstall-Vöran

Approximately 900m can be overcome on this speed hiking or trail running tour. From Burgstall, just south of Meran, it goes first through dense oak forests very steep and then, after overcoming the mountain edge, a little more comfortable but still inclined across grassland to the mountain station of the cable car. (Only for very experienced and trained runners / walkers)


The Vigiljoch offers a long trail, which can hardly be beaten by the landscape and the panorama. Very long (21 km) and with many meters of altitude, a good 1,600, this trail is only for very experienced runners. It starts at the Vigiljoch follows first in a pleasant slope in the forest direction Hochwart .